AthCon is an annual, European, vendor independent, two-day conference targeting particular areas of information security. It’s aim: to bring leading information security experts together.

Echothrust Solutions at AthCon 2014

We are very excited to announce that Echothrust Solutions will participate in this year's AthCon.

AthCon is the annual premium information security conference, taking place in Greece.

This is the second time we participate in this conference, as in AthCon 2012 we were responsible for the design and running of the Capture The Flag (CTF) contest.

Putting together the Athcon 2012 CTF - Part II - Network

Hi everyone,

We finally got around posting the long-promised Part II of "Putting together the Athcon 2012 CTF".

With the scenario out of the way it was time to setup the network and with it, shape-up the gameplay a little bit. At this point, we only had a very vague idea of how the participants would be finally rewarded.

Putting together the Athcon 2012 CTF - Part I

Like we promised on the previous post, here is the first part about how Athcon 2012 CTF was designed and implemented, what the contestants had to deal with and how we made the visuals you saw there.

Back from Athcon 2012

We were at the Athcon again this year, but this time not just as by-standers... this year we had the colossal task to design a Capture The Flag for security enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Echothrust was @Athcon2011

We had the luck of being at the annual security conference taking place in Greece called Athcon. Atchon took place between 2 and 3 of June 2011 and Echothrust was there.

Echothrust @AthCon 2011

The organizers (Kyprianos, Anna and Christos) where kind enough to promote our work by supplying...