Website Renovations under way

Hello and welcome,

Unfortunately, we are currently in the process of renovating our website. This was something we needed to do for quite some time, but couldn't due to prior obligations.

Although our old website served its purpose well, we had to move to a more manageable platform, such as the one Drupal provides.

Other than that some things you might notice are

  • Products are gone, since we don't sell our code, but rather we provide it for free. So we changed the section into a more appropriate name. Take a look at the new Projects section.
  • Projects appear, as a replacement for our old "Products" section. The section welcomed its first member in the form of Echofish.
  • No news, but rather we will utilize our blogs to communicate latest Echothrust advancements and news. Check our Blogs.
  • Better service catalog, that more accurately portrays what Echothrust actualy offers. Check out what we can offer you at our new Services section.

On the more technical part of the renovations, we migrated our web server from Dreamhost to our local rack with a server running OpenBSD. Details of our new setup are sure to follow, so stay tuned.