Upgrading Echofish at AWS

At Echothrust we maintain an Echofish installation, hosted on Amazon Web Services and used for testing and demo purposes. Just like the installation that we use daily on our network, the AWS installation is in par with the latest version - available at Echothrust's Echofish Github Repo.

The upgrade was quite easy and smooth, along the lines of:

  • Backup the 'whitelist' and the 'archive' tables to keep the filtering rules and the archived log entries.
  • Since the current update features major changes, we had to drop and recreate the database. We proceeded with the installation instructions documented on Echofish INSTALL.md
  • After finishing the installation, we imported the 'archive' and 'whitelist' table backups into the new database.

We invite you to fork/clone Echofish on Github or contact us at sales@echothrust.com to arrange a demo for you!