Echothrust Solutions at AthCon 2014

We are very excited to announce that Echothrust Solutions will participate in this year's AthCon.

AthCon is the annual premium information security conference, taking place in Greece.

This is the second time we participate in this conference, as in AthCon 2012 we were responsible for the design and running of the Capture The Flag (CTF) contest.

We covered our participation in detailed posts so if you haven't read them yet take a look at our other posts about Athcon.

So what happened at AthCon 2012? Well since we are too humble to talk about ourselves :) , the general conscious was:

"Please put the CTF in separate slots within the day, not at the same time with the presentations. In a conference of 150-200 people (just guessing here) having 30+ people leaving the presentation room and just attending the CTF all day long leaves the main room a bit empty. I am pretty sure there were people that wanted to attend both the presentations and the CTF, unfortunately they had to make a choice."

Other than the hard choices (some of us wanted to attend the IPv6 presentations), everyone seemed to have a great time. Not to mention that a couple of security vulnerabilities were discovered during the course of the CTF such as:

This year we are going to present our portfolio of services and products such as our log monitor solution, Echofish, in a special demo lab where the participants will be able to put them to the test in a live environment.

Within the next months we will present our preparations through blog posts, so stay tuned for upcoming updates!