Back from Athcon 2012

We were at the Athcon again this year, but this time not just as by-standers... this year we had the colossal task to design a Capture The Flag for security enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Everything went smooth and the overall conference was a success.

We will post details of the Athcon 2012 CTF shortly, so stay tuned.

For now take a look at how the CTF looked like through the magic of tcpdump, awk, sed and gource. (thnx KyREc0n for uploading these videos)

We would like to thank each and every participant of the Athcon 2012 CTF which whom without it wouldn't be such a success, Thanks guys.

And last but not least a huge Thanks to the organizers of Athcon: Kyprianos, Chris and Anna, keep it up guys.