Using syslog and Echofish to detect persistent threats on your networks

Echofish logoHave you checked your server logs lately? Did you see those "odd" requests from arbitrary IPs that appear to perform a single request and "vanish"? Have you ever wondered how many of those are actually random? Do they return ? How often?

No matter which service you expose to the internet (http, ssh, smtp, imap), you are certain to notice protocol-aware requests (e.g. valid HTTP get request) from random IP addresses hitting your public services.

The following blog post focuses around answering these questions and the ways we utilize the Abuser module of Echofish to identify persistent attackers on our services, that would otherwise stay unnoticed.

Using OpenBSD and vxlan to overlay remote lans

Have you ever wanted to "merge" two or more remote lans between your virtualized hosts? The following blog post will outline the steps required to configure VXLAN tunneling between two hosts.

du Selects Echothrust Solutions For Its First Hacking Competition In Dubai

Athens, Greece, 9 September 2014: Echothrust Solutions is pleased to announce that Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (du) chose the EchoCTF platform for its first ever hacking competition, the du Hackathon that will take place on September 18th 2014, during du's annual Cyber Security Conference at Armani Hotel in Dubai.

Heads up, Echofish got a major feature boost release

Echofish Welcome page screenshot
Hi everyone,

We've been working hard over the last couple of months for a new release of Echofish and boy do we have a release for you, keep on reading ...

Echothrust Solutions at AthCon 2014

We are very excited to announce that Echothrust Solutions will participate in this year's AthCon.

AthCon is the annual premium information security conference, taking place in Greece.

This is the second time we participate in this conference, as in AthCon 2012 we were responsible for the design and running of the Capture The Flag (CTF) contest.